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A Lush crowd-funded eco doc

08 October 2010

In these straightened times, crowd-funding has become an increasingly important way to raise money for films and documentaries.

Environmental film The Age of Stupid is perhaps the most high profile and successful example of crowd-funding to date, raising its £450k budget with donations from multiple sources.

Now a new documentary about climate change activism, Just Do It, is also looking for crowd-funding – but it has a particularly pressing deadline to meet to raise its funds.

Lush, the soap manufacturer, has agreed to match Just Do It’s online donations pound for pound up to £10k – but has given the film-makers a 20 day deadline to do it in.

The challenge is to raise £20k in 20 days from October 12, half from the public and the other half from Lush.

Just Do It, directed by Emily James, is billed as “the inside story of the UK’s biggest troublemakers.” Drawn from over 300 hours of observational material that was filmed at events from the G20 in April 2009 to the Copenhagen Climate Summit, it follows protestors from Climate Camp, Plane Stupid, and Climate Rush, as they “pick up the mantle of civil disobedience and go after climate change with all they’ve got.“

The Just Do It team plan to release the film under a Creative Commons license – making it free to watch and free to share. Rather than charging people to watch their film when it’s finished, they are asking people to donate a tiny contribution now, with the funds going directly to production costs.

You can find out more - and donate - at their impressive website:

Also, for an excellent guide to crowd funding, visit:

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