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John Lubran
John Lubran  | June 16, 2016
Whilst the FS5\'s 8 bit 4K might not be quite as pucker as what Peter refers to as \'proper 4K\', I\'m pretty confident that in skilled hands, productions shot entirely on this camera\'s XAVC codec will easily pass muster. Passing muster as a 4K production will be very much more about craft skills and content than about minor technical differentials.

What this new camera does represent is a further democratising of how productions can be made. The cost of very high quality kit just gets cheaper and cheaper and this dovetails synchronisticaly with emerging business models that will increasingly displace much of what we\'ve been used to for years. I\'ve not yet seen the FS5 on the menu at rental houses; it is very cheap for what it can do. I imagine that this \'Moores Law\' trend means that the rental houses will have to deal with ever shrinking markets, because for many busy producers, owning will not only become cost effective but a lot more operationally convenient.

It\'s understandable that those with investments in high cost kit and the business models associated with such are not going to celebrate the shattering of glass ceilings.

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