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From January 2018, Televisual is publishing Quarterly with the first issue out in March. Our core editorial offer and passion remains as strong as ever and the key changes are:

* Every Quarterly Televisual magazine will run to over 100 pages with enhanced production values and a light refresh of the overall design (for which we are rightly respected)

* Every issue will include one or more of our core surveys. Surveys that have become sub-brands in their own right, like the Production 100, Facilities 50, Commercials 30 and Corporate 50

* With increased pagination, every Quarterly Televisual will have a more rounded overall offer including a Genre report (Drama, Entertainment, Live Evemts and Factual), supplier reports and surveys (Outside Broadcast, Studios, Top 10 Rental Cameras, Production Technology Survey...), kit reports for the producer (Which Camera, Which Lighting...) and interviews with leading production and operational talents along with our well-loved Big Picture production close-ups, In Post and other regular columns

* Our circulation commitment remains the same with a mix of controlled and paid-for readers and a minimum distribution of over 5,000 copies (as we have for the past decade) with additional copies at our own events (like the Televisual Factual Festival or The Future of Post) as well as the Edinburgh International Television Festival and IBC. We will publish an audit for the new Quarterly by the end of 2018 to prove our circulation and distribution claims. We believe you should demand this as an advertiser

* We will be refreshing this website from January with a whole new look (perhaps explaining why this note looks temporary... It is!)

Televisual remains at the heart of the production community. Televisual carried more advertising than any other magazine serving the UK production business in 2017 and to my knowledge at better rates. We are well-loved and respected and believe that the changes we're making ensure the continuity of what is a highly valued brand for the years to come. We make these changes from a position of strength. As an advertiser your advertising will work harder and where every Quarterly Televisual will deliver more exposure with more readers and a longer staying power within a richer overall individual offer.

The response and feedback from our advertisers and sponsors has been univerally positive and I would be more than happy to discuss these changes further and how they make your advertising and sponsorship work harder. Please email james@televisual.com or kate@televisual.com

Our passion for the UK production sector will be as strong if not stronger and reflected within every page of our new Quarterly.

Televisual is widely perceived to be the most potent advertising medium to reach the UK production community. Above all its about our passion for the business. The following provides some insight in to how we think, how we engage with our readers and with what content. For the reciprocal other side of the story - who reads Televisual and what they do - please go to Televisual readers.


Televisual can justly claim to understand the disparate needs of the UK production community as well if not better than any other commercial media. Launched with the birth of C4 in 1982, Televisual has evolved and grown in to the magazine of record for the production community. Any one issue of Televisual is written with the on-the-record opinions and views of over one hundred senior executives from across commissioning, funding, production, facilities, resources and technology vendors.

Televisual is aimed at the producer, director and all production professionals working in broadcast, film, commercials and high-end brand marketing. Collectively Televisual readers are tasked with delivering moving image content from conception through to finished master. Televisual's remit ranges from commissioning and funding, through production and post production, to delivery. Or put more simply, Televisual is for everyone who takes a lead role in the UK production business, whether for UK content or now increasingly with a global perspective.

Televisual informs its readership about what's happening in programme making (the content and the people), while recognising the role of progressive production technology and workflows and the facilities partners who make the kit come alive.


Televisual provides the busy production executive with a complete overview of their world:
  • Extensive annual industry surveys such as the Production 100 (top Indies), Facilities 50 (who's who in post production), Corporate 50 (a ranking of the main corporate production companies) and the Commercials 30 (top ad producers) that are widely held to be the barometers and benchmarks for the moving image market place

  • In-depth and exclusive interviews with the defining personalities mapping out the future media landscape. In any one issue of Televisual there are over a hundred on-the-record interviews and comments from leading industry figures

  • Analysis and comment from the leading commissioning editors, producers and facilities heads providing a progressive market overview

  • Business analysis and features such as the Televisual genre reports covering the main protagonists and ebb and flow within core television disciplines and film reports exploring the output of the UK film production and supply industry

  • Production news, features and analysis to keep the production professional on top of who's doing what, with whom, for whom and how

  • The Storyboard rounds-up the best new images from the latest commercials, promos, animation and graphic design projects

  • Facilities and technology features keeping the business manager up to the minute with a constantly evolving array of kit and resources wih the explicit intention of getting them to where they want to be faster, better and / or cheaper

  • Production technology, facilities and resource reports supported by case studies aimed explicitly at all of the production disciplines - from acquisition to post, design, music and content distribution

  • For a full list of Televisual surveys, special reports and features and when they happen, please go to www.televisual.com/features.html.



Televisual commands a unique position within the UK production industry and provides practical in depth coverage of a rapidly changing business. Three qualities make us really stand out from the competition.


Just like our readers, Televisual is passionate about the production business and recognises the extraordinary talent and energy of all those who make it happen from the channel controller, commissioner and executive producer to the director, producer and production team and on to the cameraman, editor and artist. Every issue of Televisual and every magazine, supplement and event we publish and produce reflects this understanding.


We publish the most authoritative and readable magazine in the business and to do this we employ expert editors and contributors with extensive reporting experience about the media and access to the top industry executives. Jon Creamer, the Editor, has been writing for Televisual for over a decade and a half. We believe our talented and experienced in-house team, combined with many of the best editors in the business, deliver a more compelling, more reliable and more professional magazine.


And we like to stand out from the crowd. Televisual understands the need for a beautifully designed magazine if it is to engage with a media savvy audience. As a consequence we employ Charlotte Cripps - an extraordinarily talented Art Director - who has also been working on the magazine for over a decade and a half and ensures the magazine's production values are the very best in the business.


Televisual is the primary provider of technological understanding to the busy producer and business manager, providing the headline uses and context for emerging production technologies as well as identifying the talent in who's hands the kit delivers magical content.

If your business can best be described as providing technology, facilities or production resources to the production market there is no better context to promote your brand and organisation's offer than in the magazine the community turns to for reliable information about the same.



Televisual Media UK believes that industry communities turn to magazines to set the trends and provide business overviews and detailed understanding, while they turn to online media for immediate news information and to drill down for specific content. Playing to this "sit back" approach in print means a more engaged and consequently informed readership. Notably our readers tell us they spend up to an hour reading Televisual magazine. Online also allows us to play out video content and now with improved compression and broadband at a respectable definition. We clearly believe in the importance of a strong news-based web site, otherwise we wouldn’t have invested such significant money in delivering televisual.com and where we are rejuvenating the website from the start of 2018.

Magazines represent a more engaged approach where longer and more involved reading and insight might be taken on. This makes magazines a perfect advertising medium. Magazine advertising differs profoundly from (most) online advertising as it provides the advertiser with the opportunity to impart new (product or service) information while projecting and building a brand identity. 

The community does go online for news, blogs, unique survey content and to find specific contacts and company information as well as task-orientated needs and that's what our website is geared to fulfil.

Publishing is a competitive market so it seems logical to us that we publish the very best written and designed magazine we can. After all it’s not just about sending someone a magazine, it’s about engaging the same person issue after issue. Our readers are predominantly in their early-thirties to late-fifties, articulate, bright and entrepreneurial. They spend the majority of their time in front of screens (shooting on location, in the edit suite, in the office and then after work in front of the TV or cinema screen). Televisual provides them with an intelligent, considered, beautifully crafted read: time-out from the rest of their hectic day. And there is no doubting just how much they love the magazine and how well read it is - just ask your clients.

Consequently Televisual magazine is deliberately written as a “passive read”, that is one where the reader can take time out from a monitor and consider larger issues. Better still we clearly believe that online media is also relevant to our audience and the content we deliver reflects our thinking about the immediacy (read news and blogs), the drill down nature of the web and new media opportunities (like video) and this adds a complimentary string to our bow and allows you, the advertiser to create campaigns that feed off the benefits of both print and online media.

Talk to us about how best to integrate print, online and events and you’ll be surprised what we can deliver.


Televisual has established its place as the essential read for senior figures working in UK production and the first place the majority of leading technology and facilities brands choose to advertise. Just pick up the magazine and look at the volume and pedigree of our advertisers: market-leading companies that come back to us year after year because they know that if they need to communicate to the production community, Televisual delivers the best value in the market.

Televisual is much more than just the finest magazine for the UK production community and, as you might expect from an industry leading media brand, is active in other areas including its own awards, events and bespoke marketing solutions. We welcome conversations about your advertising content and ask you to have a look at the more recent advertising from leading vendors in Televisual over the past couple of years where the emphasis has shifted from only being brand-driven messages to engaging the reader with more relevant, high profile case studies that make a perfect “fit” and relevancy in the context of the magazine. For more information, please go to About Televisual Media UK.

There is only one UK magazine that talks the production community's language.

Get in touch today and let us help you make the most of your promotional spend:
James Bennett james@televisual.com   

Now as a Quarterly magazine, Televisual has never looked so goood. Televisual delivers you the by far the best reach, engagement and value for money and always in the right context. Be part of it.







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